Will they then not ponder on the Qur’an, or are there locks on the hearts?

— Quran, [47:24]

Asalaamu Alaikum. Welcome to my new blog. This is my first post, and there are many more in the pipelines, so please subscribe to keep updated on future posts. Also check out my youtube and twitter if you’re feeling extra generous with your time 🙂

Being a convert to Islam, it goes without saying that my Religion is central to my life. My love for Allah (SWT) is at the very top of my ‘what I love’ hierarchy. In relation to this, one of the most common questions I am asked is, “Why did you convert?”, or “What brought you to Islam?”. People seem to expect it to have occurred in some sort of “Eureka!” moment; that there was one single experience that happened in an instance, and POOF! I became a muslim. Unfortunately, however, this just simply is not how it happened. Not for me any way. It was a long process that took many years, and there was a lot of resistance from the non-muslim remnants of my being that made the process a difficult one. So with regards to the above questions, there are slight issues I face when trying to answer. I am usually left with two options:

  1. I give them the short answer – “Allah (SWT) guided me. I read His book, looked into the life of the Prophet (ﷺ), and was convinced of its truth.
  2. Or I can give them the long answer – this involves explaining my life story from beginning to present, with all the major parts which I feel contributed towards the shift in my psyche and my eventual conversion.

When someone asks me this question in person, I feel inclined to give them answer number 2, but time constraints and decent conversation etiquette require me to cut the explanation so short that I’m always left feeling unsatisfied with the answer I’ve given. I cannot help but feel that a full answer is the only sufficient answer; but alas, neither I nor the people that ask have the patience for such an explanation. It is for this reason that I now generally incline to answer number 1, and further explain that (insha’Allah) one day I will write a blog or do a youtube video that goes into the process of my conversion in more detail.

And so here we are. I figured what better place to start this blog than by answering the single most common question I am asked by muslim and non-muslim alike. What will follow – Allah permitting – is a series of 4 posts, each explaining a particular part of my life. Part I will focus on my childhood, my roots, where I come from and what my living situation was like as a child (ages 0-9). Part II will focus on the events that characterised the end of my childhood, and leading into and concluding with my teenage years (ages 9-18). Part III will be about my early adulthood, my first real experience of independence, moving out of my mothers house, backpacking around Asia for 18 months among other things (ages 18-24). And finally, part IV will end this series with a description of the point in which I finally decided to take my shahada, the moments that surrounded it, and how my life progressed moving forward from that until the present day (ages 24-30).

This is literally going to be my life story, so it might turn out to be a lengthy one. However I will try not to ramble on unnecessarily, summarise as much as possible, and insha’Allah it will be a somewhat enjoyable read in the process; maybe even giving you a comprehensive glimpse into the mind of a convert.

But please, do not let this be a one way conversation. I ask you, the reader, are you a revert to Islam, someone born a muslim, or a non-muslim just looking to get an understanding of the process of conversion? Do you believe in God? If so, why? Have you avoided converting for any particular reasons? Are you unsure what to think? Or have you pretty much made your mind up that you do not believe? Please leave a comment, like this post, and subscribe to my blog! I very much look forward to hearing from you all; and remember to keep your eye out for future posts.

Peace be with you all.

Kind regards, a fellow ponderer.


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