Here is a guest post I wrote for The essay is on Kant’s exploration of the limits of reason, and on my response to his notion that transcendental knowledge is impossible. Please check it out and let me know what you think 🙂 any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Blogging Theology


In this essay I intend to do a number of things. First of all, I will explain what epistemology is in order to make what follows easier to understand. Once this has been done, I will move on to explain a problem highlighted by the french philosopher René Descartes, with regards to how one is to justify the use of reason. This will then follow on to Kant’s theory on the limits of reason itself. He uses this theory to conclude that knowledge of the transcendent is not possible; that is, we cannot have knowledge of things such as God or of an immaterial soul. Upon elaborating his theory, I will then move on to my critique of this philosophy, wherein I will argue that reason does indeed have its limits. Furthermore, I will argue that these limits are not static, but rather that they fluctuate. And finally, I…

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