Asalaamu Alaikum, and welcome.

My name is Yusuf, and I have been a revert to Islam since 2014. I will be using this website primarily to engage in discussion regarding Religion, Philosophy and Politics; along with many of the ideas surrounding modern controversy. Islam is certainly at the centre of much of this, and so I would like to explore these tensions and maybe contribute towards easing them.

The main thing that interests me is trying to understand what people believe, and why they believe it. I love listening to arguments, breaking them down into their component parts, and trying to come to a comprehensive understanding of the steps taken to get to certain conclusions; maybe even uncovering some assumptions along they way. I love the challenge and find it to be a linguistic puzzle of sorts. Communication, in all of its forms, can be tricky. People may intend to say one thing, but their choice of words may leave any interpretation of what they say as ambiguous. Most of the time, I believe these ambiguities are overlooked. People pick the first interpretation that comes to their mind and run with it. I believe it is this very problem which causes many of the issues involved in human discussion.

Life is complex, and today more than ever we have been inundated with so much information that it can be exhausting and too time consuming to be able to figure out what exactly is going on in the world. This is where I come in. I hope to make this process a little easier. I will be approaching many of these heated discussions in a way that (hopefully) makes it a little bit less of an anxiety ridden experience.

Who is this blog aimed at? In short, everyone! Muslim, non-muslim, the neighbours cat… If you are interested in dialogue, discussions, the big questions, or simply just enjoy tumbling down the rabbit hole, then here is the place for you. Please have a nosey through my posts, and if you like what you see, then subscribe! 🙂

I also have a youtube channel, where I will be uploading on a regular basis (insha’Allah); and a twitter account where you might catch me engaging with people directly. I have a contacts page where you can find links to all of these accounts, along with my email address, Linkedin account and my Patreon – if you happen to feel like supporting my work here, that would be very much appreciated (and jaza’kala, may Allah reward you if you do).

Please do not be afraid to engage with my posts. Tell me what you think; whether you agree or disagree with my analysis of things. Tell me why! I look forward to hearing what you have to say.